Unconditional love…

What is the « unconditional love » ?  Who and why really experiences it ?  That is what Alice’s american story is about.

Masika Alice Lusi

Yesterday I gave birth to a gorgeous little human. I look at her and I can’t believe that she came out of my body. It was like an out of body experience to see her come out of my vagina😄. After almost 28 hours of labor and intensive pain, I pushed twice and she was out and placed on my chest then we were both screaming and crying😜. I realized my wish of a vaginal natural birth but oh man it was so traumatically painful. Yesterday I gained a powerful perspective to what a woman body can accomplish. After the baby was out , I was swollen all over my body. I was pretty much disfigured. I am still super swollen today and have many discomforts that my doctor reassures me that it is normal for some women to have these odd physical changes for couple weeks after a traumatic painful labor 😅. All of this to say that when I look at my daughter today I am speechless, filled with joy and have an unexplainable strong need to protect her fiercely. it is like watching my heart walking outside of my body..yeah I don’t know how to explain this…I am sure a lot of moms get what I am trying to say here. Yes, all the pregnancy pain, the labor pain and the aftershock of how my body has changed in ways that I don’t like , yes it was and still all worth it. I completely and deeply understand now what mothers meant when they were telling me that  » after you see your kid for the first time, you forget all the pain and it worth it » Man, I got it now , I got it. Looking at my daughter I see what  » unconditional love  » truly means. It has a constant face now in my world. Such a strange and fulfilling feeling. My hats off to all the mothers in the world who came before me and loved and love their kids intensively. I understand mothers now and their fierceness to love their kids. Yes I got it now! And I have so much gratitude to fathers and husbands who support us mothers in this life making journey. My husband Andrea Bari was my rock yesterday . He was there from the beginning of my pain till the end helping me push, breathe then he pretty much got his daughter out of me with the nurses! I gained another new height of love for my husband yesterday. He is everything I need in a partner in this life changing journey we are on! He truly is another face of unconditional love in my world! #iamanewmom

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